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Roller Brushes with Metal Backing Tape

Economising, automating and optimising production processes: R.I.B. roller brushes with metal backing strips are used in almost every industrial sector where exacting requirements must be met.

Circular and Roller Brushes

R.I.B. circular and roller brushes play a major role in many industries. Their good versatility and economy make them the ideal choice for countless production areas and products.


A proven system based on the modular principle - our one-way system of trapezoidal toothed brushes - the very thing when roller brushes needs to be installed and removed in the minimum of time.

Lath Brushes

Our lath brushes, slim and elegant, ensure improved efficiency in production processes. Due to their wide ranging capabilities, they are indispensable in industrial operations.

Belt Brushes

The outstanding feature of belt brushes is the flexibility of the belt body. The surface of the brush adapts perfectly to any contour. Belt brushes can be positioned horizontally, vertically or at an angle.

Disc Brushes

Disc brushes represent one of R.I.B.'s most interesting products. They are indispensable, as a rotating tool. We guarantee their high quality by making them on CNC machines.

Antistatic and Ostrich-Feather-Brushes

R.I.B antistatic brushes reliably discharge static electricity from non-conductive materials. Our ostrich-feather brushes remove dust from bare vehicle bodies before they are lacquered.

Strip and Sealing Brushes

R.I.B. strip and sealing brushes are used for a multiplicity of purposes. They possess the particular property of flexibly adapting to a surface in a way that they maintain tight contact with it.

End, Cup and Bevel Brushes

R.I.B. cup brushes are adaptable, all-purpose products. Pencil-type and bevel brushes are the right choice for use in places which are difficult to get at, for example corners, edges and drill holes.

Interior, Tube Cleaning and Alphahon Brushes

Interior and steam tube brushes deburr O-ring recesses and holes. Cleaning, smoothing, derusting and descaling are their specialities. Alphahone brushes improve the adherence of lubricant.

Circular, Single-Section and Pipeline Brushes

Circular brushes are used for surface treatments. Single-section brushes are used on slim and profiled workpieces. Pipeline brushes prove effective in the processing of welded seams.

Hand Scratch Brushes

Hand scratch brushes help to remove rust and paint and are also used for cleaning purposes. With wooden backs, they are available in a variety of widths. SSHB brushes have a narrower working width.