Antistatic Brushes

Antistatic Brushes

We offer antistatic brushes with carbon fibre or stainless steel yarn. In an independent test, R.I.B. antistatic brushes were compared with the products of three other manu-
facturers. The results for us - outstanding! We were the
only manufacturer to receive this assessment in every category. The test included conductivity and dimensional stability. For example, R.I.B. antistatic brushes used in
laser printers exhibited no wear even after 400.000 pages.
Yet further proof of our superb quality.

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The stainless steel yarn consists of stainless chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel. The fine stainless steel filaments are twisted to a yarn. This yarn has high resistance to abrasion, even when subjected to continuous mechanical load. The standard type AB10 is available from stock.
Carbon fibres are excellent conductors, thanks to the high proportion of carbon which they contain. The variable distance between the tufts make carbon-fibre strip brushes the ideal choice for difficult static removal applications. The excellent conductivity of these brushes can also be used to allow voltages to be applied to the surface of workpieces. The standard type AB20 is available from stock.

Antistatic brushes

TypeTrim height BH (mm)Total height GH (mm)Bristle pitch A (mm)Fill material           
AB1010221.75Stainless steel yarnDXFenquiry
AB20202210Carbon fibreDXFenquiry
Special type5 - 10017 - 112min. 1.75 *Stainless steel yarnDXFenquiry
Special type5 - 2517 - 37min. 5 *Carbon fibreDXFenquiry

* It is also possible to supply a full fill configuration