Standard Cores for Disc Brushes

Standard Cores for Disc Brushes

We carry a range of standard moulded plastic cores with special bores resp. threads, which can be produced in
large numbers.. If your application allows we recommend
you to choose one of our standard cores. It is reasonable
and advantageous concerning the delivery time and costs,
for smaller quantities too.

Core material:

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Standard core for disc brushes

TypeADKSTAL / MCore materialColour           
TK03212017,5 / 20,5M14PPorangeDXFenquiry
TK0301201525 / 34,5 x 10PPgreyDXFenquiry
TK03315017,5 / 20,5M14PPorangeDXFenquiry
TK0361501525 / 34,5 x 10PPgreyDXFenquiry
TK0371502525 / 35 x 10PPorangeDXFenquiry
TK0391652525 / 35 x 14PPorangeDXFenquiry
TK04018015 / 20M12RPPredDXFenquiry
TK04118015 / 20M12LPPredDXFenquiry
TK0422001525 / 34,5 x 10PPgreyDXFenquiry