Lath Brushes - Standard Cores

Lath Brushes - Standard Cores

Many of our customers go for our standardised plastic cores for our lath brushes types 36 and 48, which offer advantages regarding the price and the availability.

The plastic cores are available in PVC, PP and PE.


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They can be equipped with almost all fill materials, with your desired or our recommended trim height (BH) and fill configuration.
Furthermore, by using these standard cores it is possible to produce lath brushes with special surfaces.
Examples for surfaces:

- profiled (concave, convex).

- stepped (different trim heights (BH) in one brush).

- inclined bristles lengthwise or in cross direction.

Lath brushes - standard cores

TypeTrim height min. (mm)Trim height max. (mm)Length min. (mm)Length max. (mm)Core materialEA1EA2EA3           
55.0200.0 250PP ××DXFenquiry
415.0200.010.02000PVC PP×××DXFenquiry
425.0200.010.02000PVC PP×××DXFenquiry
435.0200.010.02000PVC PP×××DXFenquiry
445.0200.010.02000PVC PP×××DXFenquiry
455.0200.010.02000PVC PP ××DXFenquiry
465.0200.010.02000PVC PP×××DXFenquiry
475.0200.010.02000PVC PP×××DXFenquiry

Holders for lath brushes

TypeB 1 (mm)B 2 (mm)h (mm)Standard length           
H 3628.014.512.01000 / 2000DXFenquiry
H 3720.010.010.02000DXFenquiry
H 3838.022.018.02000DXFenquiry
H 3928.014.512.01000 / 2000DXFenquiry