DBS-Spiral Brush Coils, without shaft

DBS-Spiral Brush Coils, without shaft

Back in 1931 the history of an inimitable brush began:
Our mother company KULLEN was already the patentee
for this spiral brush with a double-sheet backing tape.
Since then we have been developing this brush type
and have manufactured the most variations. But one thing always remained the same: the double-sheet backing tape.
Because of our experience, this system is the most effective and safe method. See our illustration which shows you the construction.

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PLZ Your contact person:
Max Mustermann, D-12345 Musterstadt, Tel. 000-0000-000

Available brush sections:

We manufacture our spiral brushes with four different section types in backing widths (WB) ranging from 4 mm to 18 mm. According to your requirements we choose the appropriate backing width considering the essential parameters:
core diameter, fill material, fill density and working conditions. We supply backing tapes in bright steel as well as galvanised steel or stainless steel and acid/heat-resistant steel quality 1.4301, 1.4571, and 1.4541 (AISI 304, 316Ti)

The roller brush coils with roller core are for the most diversified systems. The DBS-Spiral brush offers a much wider variety concerning the fill material, fill configuration and fill density. Depending on the fill material and the dimensions we can also increase the density by up to 75% to "extremly dense"

DBS-Spiral brushes unassembled

Min. core-Ø KD (mm)Max. core-Ø KD (mm)Min. total-Ø GD (mm)Max. total-Ø GD (mm)Min. face length BLG (mm)Max. face width BLG (mm)           

Max. bristle- / wire diameter

KD (mm)Synthetic filaments (mm)Wire (mm)
20 - 400.800.20
50 - 801.200.50 *
> 8030.50 *

* bigger wire sizes are possible but not used in general