DBS-Spiral Brushes type 231

DBS-Spiral Brushes type 231

Our roller brush coil designed as welded package system will also pack the tiger in your tank! Why is it advantageous and reasonable to purchase a welded package system type 231? Each face width of a roller brush needed can be divid-
ed in a corresponding number of single, compact segments, called packages, that are not only loosley coiled spirals. We produce light and easy-to-handle packages with a constant high density which facilitates and accelerates the equipping of a brush core or shaft carried out by yourself.

The welded package system is not only easy to mount but
it also makes you independent of any transportation of the
core to the supplier for refilling, packing, delivery times etc.
and helps you out of emergency situations.

For the core constructions the following materials are avail-
able: plastic-coated steel, steel, stainless steel (1.4301; 1.4571; 2.4879).

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Max Mustermann, D-12345 Musterstadt, Tel. 000-0000-000

The twin tape mounting is designed as a concave backing system where the coil widths (WB) ranges between 5.4 mm to 10 mm. The single coils are spot-welded together without damaging the fill material. The bi-lateral spiral ends as carrier noses that grant a safe driving among the packages and care for a regular surface structure from one segment to the other, i. e. no gaps will show up at the segment joints.
No gaps can occur at the segment joints. Therefore you receive a constant structure.

Typ 231/VDS
With the VDS-adapters we can equalize the difference between the interior diameter of the package and the diameter of the driver shaft.

DBS-Spiral roller brushes type 231

TypeFitting on min. - max. core-Ø (mm)Min. - Max. total-Ø
GD (mm)
Min. - Max. package length (mm)Face width BLG (mm) min. - max.           
System type 231 system with fixing rings (FRB) / nuts (MB)40 - 40085 - 60040 - 300100 - 6000DXFenquiry
Type 231 system with (re)movable balancing weights on fixing rings (FRB-AW) / nuts (MB-AW)40 - 40085 - 60040 - 300100 - 6000DXFenquiry
Spiral Brushes welded package system Type 23140 - 40085 - 60040 - 300100 - 6000DXFenquiry
Spiral Brushes welded package system Type 231-VDS40 - 40085 - 60040 - 300100 - 6000DXFenquiry

Max. bristle- / wire diameter

KD (mm)Synthetic filaments (mm)Wire (mm)
< 500.800.20
50 - 801.200.50 *
> 803.000.50 *

* bigger wire sizes are possible but not used in general

Standard width of fixing rings

KD (mm)FRB (mm)FRB-AW (mm)MB (mm)MB-AW (mm)
< 501232**35
> 1002035**38