DBS-Spiral Roller Brushes type 220 and type 221

DBS-Spiral Roller Brushes type 220 and type 221

The types 220 & 221 are extremly flexible in their dimension and depending on the required performance these endless spiral brush coils are mounted on core systems made of mild steel, stainless steel or non ferrous metals.

Compared with other brush designs we can reach the highest possible fill density with these types and they can
be applied with a maximum speed of 55 m/sec without any problems. Supposition for it, is that the roller brush cores
are electrodynamically balanced after the mounting of the core according to the required rotation speed and quality
G 2.5 which comes up to ISO 1940.

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Our roller brushes are supplied with a fill surface perfectly trimmed and/or ground for concentricity. A perfectly seated attachment of the coils on the roller core is guaranteed by the pressure or mounting ring (PRB) system, also available with removable balancing weights (PRB-AW), which prevents the brush coil from rotating on the core.
In some circumstances you also could choose a simpler fastening of the brush coil onto the core, i. e. without mounting rings but by spot-welding the helixes at each end of the brush core. Almost all fill material qualities can be used. The maximum wire or filament diameters are mentioned in the table showing the various inside or core diameters (KD) of spiral brushes.

DBS-Spiral Roller Brushes type 220 and type 221

TypeMin. core-Ø
KD (mm)
Max. core-Ø
KD (mm)
Min. total-Ø
GD (mm)
Max. total-Ø
GD (mm)
Min. face length
BLG (mm)
Max. face width
BLG (mm)
220 with mounting ring PRB20450506001006000DXFenquiry
220 with mounting ring PRB-AW20450506001006000DXFenquiry
221 with mounting ring PRB20450506001006000DXFenquiry
221 with mounting ring PRB-AW20450506001006000DXFenquiry

Max. bristle- / wire diameter

KD (mm)Synthetic filaments (mm)Wire (mm)
20 - 400.800.20
50 - 801.200.50 *
> 803.000.50 *

* bigger wire sizes are possible but not used in general.

Standard width of fixing rings

KD (mm)PRB (mm)PRB-AW (mm)
20 - 4012 
50 - 8015 
> 8020 
80 - 100 35
> 100 42