Strip roller brush type 302

Strip roller brush type 302

R.I.B. roller brushes 302 are indeed unique and easy-to-handle: you only purchase the roller brush core once and easily refill it yourself with the corresponding strip brushes after wear. And besides, it is a very economical brush system. The ruged construction allows problem-free operation also in adverse conditions. Roller brushes type 302 consists of a tubular steel or stainless steel core and exchangeable strip brushes which are mounted in axial direction around the circumference. The brush core can be supplied either with journals or with arbor hole for mounting on the existing primary shaft. With the roller brush type 302 (mS) the strip
brushes are fixed in side flanges. With type 302 (oS)
the strip brushes are fixed directly on the tubular core with clamping plates.

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Fill configuration to choose: bent in axial direction, left-hand or right-hand pitch or in chevron pattern i. e. left hand and right-hand pitch starting at the centre. Strip brushes needed around the circumference:

- Type 302/50: 6 strips,

- Type 302/80: 8 strips,

- Type 302/100: 12 strips.
Depending on the application almost all fill material qualities can be used. For example for wet working conditions or elevated temperature. Compatible for this brush we deliver our brushing machine type BM 1138.

Strip roller brushes Typ 302

TypeD *dFace width *KLG *GLG *Cl 1l 2Circumferencial speed           
302/50 (ms)15095550-2500620-2570870-282035150100max. 15m/secDXFenquiry
(os)15050550-2500570-2520820-277035150100 DXFenquiry
302/80 (ms)200-250125550-4000620-4070870-432040150100max. 15m/secDXFenquiry
(os)200-25080550-4000570-4020820-427040150100 DXFenquiry
302/100 (ms) 220-250145550-4000620-4070870-432040150100max.15 m/secDXFenquiry
(os)220-250100550-4000570-4020820-427040150100 DXFenquiry

* other dimensions on request