STS-Spiral Roller Brushes type 351

STS-Spiral Roller Brushes type 351

The STS-spiral roller brush range from R.I.B. contains all measurements from small to extra large and this unbeatable selection of diameters makes this brush a totally reliable tool for light brushing tasks. Because of the high fill density and precisely ground surface it achieves outstanding results. 

A flawless radial true runing is a requirement in most cases to achieve the desired brush effect. Therefore the brush cores are electrodynamically pre-balanced and re-balanced according to the required RPM after assembly of the spiral brushes. The balancing quality refers to quality grade G 2.5 as per ISO 1940.
As core material we have available: mild steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal or plastic coated steel. 


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Fixing of the spiral coils

The coils are generally mounted onto the roller cores with pressure rings (PRB) in order to prevent the brush from roating on the core. Depending on the work and the rotation speed of the brush the coils can also be spot-welded or screwed onto the core.
Surface speed

You can use our spiral roller brushes up to a surface speed of 30 m/sec. maximum without problems.

STS-Spiral roller brushes Typ 351

KD (mm) (min. - max.)
GD (mm) (min. - max.)
Face width
BLG (mm) (min. - max.)
STS-Spiral roller brush type 351
with axles
5 - 40017 - 600100 - 6000DXFenquiry
STS-Spiral roller brush type 351
with arbor hole
5 - 40017 - 600100 - 6000DXFenquiry

Max. bristle- / wire diameter

KD (mm)Synthetic filaments (mm)Wire (mm)
5 - 150.15 
15 - 400.300.15
40 - 700.500.30
70 - 4001.500.50*

* bigger wire sizes are possible but not used in general

Standard width of fixing rings

KD (mm)PRB (mm)
20 - 4012
50 - 8015
> 8020