Sealing Brushes with plastic profiles - Standard types

Sealing Brushes with plastic profiles - Standard types

These brush types are especially versatile to mount and visually adaptable. The core material is PVC, resistant to acids and alcalines and suitable for temperatures from
-40°C to +60°C. We deliver our standard types from stock
in 15 different profile types, filled with synthetic filaments of polyamide (PA6) and polypropylene (PP).

As our standard types which are available from stock we chose our most demanded sealing brushes concerning
the trim heights and overall lengths.

Fill material:

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Sealing brushes with plastic profile - standard types

TypeMaterial numberTrim height (mm)Total height (mm)LG (mm)Fill material           
6k - 13/103613500112.025.01000PA6 0.15DXFenquiry
6k - 25/73625508225.050.01000PA6 0.15DXFenquiry
6k - 25/103625507125.050.01000PA6 0.25DXFenquiry
6k - 33/103633500125.058.01000PA6 0.25DXFenquiry
6k - 35/123635500435.070.01000PA6 0.30DXFenquiry
6k - 40/123640000860.0100.01000PP 0.18DXFenquiry
6k - 20/14313505620.040.01000PP 0.18DXFenquiry
6k - 25/14313505725.050.01000PP 0.18DXFenquiry
6k - 40/14314014650.090.02000PP 0.18DXFenquiry
6k - 40/14313048160.0100.01000PP 0.18DXFenquiry
6k - 50/24313505850.0100.01000PP 0.30DXFenquiry
6k - 50/243130637100.0150.01000PP 0.30DXFenquiry
6ck - 40/123640502650.060.01000PP 0.18DXFenquiry
6ck - 20/14313507620.026.01000PP 0.18DXFenquiry
6ck - 25/14313507725.033.01000PP 0.18DXFenquiry
6ck - 40/14313507850.058.01000PP 0.18DXFenquiry
6ck - 50/24313507950.065.01000PP 0.18DXFenquiry