ST-System Roller Brushes fitted to a shaft

ST-System Roller Brushes fitted to a shaft

The ST-system above all is suitable for roller brushes fitted
to a shaft or tubular core with journals made of steel or stainless steel (1.4301; 1.4541). All available fill material qualities and fill configurations can be used.

The available core systems are: shaft WK1, tubular core WK2 resp. WK4.

The maximum peripheral speed for this brush type is 15 m/sec.

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Max Mustermann, D-12345 Musterstadt, Tel. 000-0000-000

Fill Densities

high fill density EA1, medium fill density EA2, low fill density EA3.
Fill Configurations

Compressed face EA1 - EA3, spiral EB and strips ED1.

ST-System-Roller brush with sub-body

TypeKD (mm)d1 (mm)D min. (mm)D max. (mm)RowsKLG max. (mm)           
ST 2032 632204016012900DXFenquiry
ST 2032 832204016016900DXFenquiry
ST 20321032204016020900DXFenquiry
ST 2546 8462554175161200DXFenquiry
ST 254612462554175241200DXFenquiry
ST 254616462554175321200DXFenquiry
ST 355810583566275201800DXFenquiry
ST 355815583566275301800DXFenquiry
ST 355818583566275361800DXFenquiry
ST 406612664074290242000DXFenquiry
ST 406617664074290342000DXFenquiry
ST 406620664074290402000DXFenquiry
ST 608612866094305242500DXFenquiry
ST 608620866094305402500DXFenquiry
ST 608630866094305602500DXFenquiry
ST 751021410275110320283000*DXFenquiry
ST 751021810275110320363000*DXFenquiry
ST 751022210275110320443000*DXFenquiry
ST 10012718127100135345363500*DXFenquiry
ST 10012724127100135345483500*DXFenquiry
ST 10012728127100135345483500*DXFenquiry